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About us Moving
We will act on your behalf to purchase the vehicle you require at auction in Japan,
we will arrange to export to country of your choice,
vehicles are exported "as is" this is the cheapest method possible to purchase a used
vehicle in Japan.
Please provide us with as many details as possible of the car you're looking for.
We'll find the exact Japanese car that you need.
We'll then arrange to purchase it through a Japanese used-car auction and export it "as is".
This is the cheapest method possible to purchase a used car in Japan.

We can ship to most countries in the world. We're already well-experienced with
U.K.New Zealand, Australia,Africa,Carib,Jamaica etc

We are not just an "internet business". Our showroom was established in 1985
and we have in stock many high-quality Japanese used cars at all times.
These have for the most part, been purchased at auctions throughout Japan.

There's a good chance that we already have the car you need in our regular stock of 200 cars.
If not, we can purchase the car of your choice from one of the car auctions in Japan where 13,000 cars are
traded every week.
We have more than 20 memberships of car auctions in japan

Our office is located midway between Narita Airport (40 minutes) and Tokyo.
It's also very close to a port which loads and ships to New Zealand and Australia.

Please contact us! whether you are a inport traders or private customers .
G B Auto Trader  can fulfill all your needs.

We're looking forward to doing business with you.

G.B Auto Trader
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