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Yahoo! JAPAN Small parts by Air mail (EMD DHLetc)
or many parts in container with your car.
BID on Yahoo Japan Auction and Export for You.
New and Uesd performance parts with your car
please enjoy Japanese private Auction. GB auto tarder handling BID and deliver.
We don't bid if exhibitor has many bad estimation.

How to Buy
Step1 : Please confirm Auction and price
Here is Japanese intarnet auction site,
Fees and expence for Car and Vehicles
auction price ( your success to BID price)
customs 20,000 yen
Purchase and Export handling fee 70,000 yen
it's including following all expence in Japan side.
1:de-registration,and export certificate
all documentation in Japan side.
2:arrangement of shipping,
3:English translation of all documentation
4:all documentation sent to you by DHL or UPS
Japan side transport fee .
Under 100km : 15,000yen around
Under 300km : 24,000yen around

Goods + Fee 4,000 JP yen + Postage

Purchase and Export handling fee 4,000 yen
delivery cost in Japan .-------yen
to Your counry
we require packing fees if it's needed,

Step2 Registration and Agreement
Step3 1st Payment ,Please transfar money as your BID price by PAYPAL or Bank TT
Step4 We will bid your request goods (Yahoo auction ID) as soon as we confirmed your 1st payment
Step5 we will send result and total amount invoice
Step6 2nd payment Please transfar money by PAYPAL
Step7 We send your goods to your registration address .Also, we book early next shipping space as soon as possible.
1 Do you warranty condition ?
1 No ,it's private auction , we just BID and export for you .
2 Can I paymant after you success to BID?
2 No we dont bid without your Deposit ( goods price)
3 Can I BID many goods ?
3 Yes you  can bid under your deposit. and we can make cheapest way packing forall together as our best .
4 Can I cancel biding ?
4 No, you can't .
5 When do you send car to me ?
5 We will book early next shipping space as soon as we confirmed your 2nd payments .
And we will send exact shipping information to you as soon as we got it shipping
6 What is the Yahoo Auction ID ??
6 There is each page, it's important for understand correct page to bid .
7 What's PayPal ?
7 it's quick and economical way for money transfar PayPal
8 Can I buy Bodykit?
8 No Please confirm following size and weight
9 Can you send goods to me if over the following size ?
9 Yes , but depending weight and size . Please contact us by E-mail before bidding .

Size and Weight

Longest length within 1.5m,
Longest length {Circumference within 3m,
Weight within 30kg

  • Weight limits vary by country or area.
EMS Weight and Size Limits
Air Freight by EMS
weight (ASIA)
(North America)

United Kingdom
(Latin America)
300g 900JPyen 1,200JPyen 1,500JPyen 1,700JPyen
500g 1,100 1,500 1,800 2,100
600g 1,240 1,680 2,000 2,440
700g 1,380 1,860 2,200 2,780
800g 1,520 2,040 2,400 3,120
900g 1,660 2,220 2,600 3,460
1,000g 1,800 2,400 2,800 3,800
1,250g 2,100 2,800 3,250 4,600
1,500g 2,400 3,200 3,700 5,400
1,750g 2,700 3,600 4,150 6,200
2,000g 3,000 4,000 4,600 7,000
2,500g 3,500 4,700 5,400 8,500
3,000g 4,000 5,400 6,200 10,000
3,500g 4,500 6,100 7,000 11,500
5,000g 6,000 8,200 9,400 16,000
8,000g 8,600 11,800 13,600 23,200
10,000g 10,200 14,000 16,200 27,400
13,000g 12,600 17,300 20,100 33,700
15,000g 14,200 19,500 22,700 37,900
20,000g 18,200 25,000 29,200 48,400
25,000g 22,200 30,500 35,700 58,900
30,000g 26,200 36,000 42,200 69,400

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